The Good and the Bad about Celebrity Pregnancies

31 Dec

celebrity-pregnancy-fashion_162810It is a holy celebrity pregnancy trinity going on in 2013. Kate/Jess/KimYe all preggers at the same time! Get ready for endless baby nonsense  And while all babies are wonderful, there are two sides to the madness that goes on when celebs get knocked up.

The Good – Fat Celebrities: It’s awesome to see celebrities get fat, even if just for 9 months with a valid excuse. Jessica Simpson got HUGE! Tori Spellings face will never be the same again! And Mimi, well, she always teetered on the edge of chunky anyway. Its nice for us mere mortals to poke fun and know that even stars get cankles.

The Bad – Post Baby Hotties: They lose all of that pregnancy weight too quickly and your CoParent looks at your fat butt and wonders why you cant drop the weight like Posh/Scary Spice and all those damn Victoria’s Secrets models did. I mean did you see Mel B post baby, geeze that gurl look good!

The Good – Healthy Lifestyles for Pregnant Moms: I love to see all the maternity health stuff for pregnant moms. From pregnancy yoga and swimming to baby-moons. Its awesome.

The Bad – Over Doing Healthy:  Since some of  you are so preoccupied with staying fit and healthy, I now have to see you and your big belly at the gym, the spa and on the jogging path. Sometimes its called over doing it. I do not want to see you in my noon kickboxing class sweating. I mean really, I am not only worried that you are gonna get kicked or pass out, I get angry when you dont because I am working so hard and I’m not pregnant.

The Good – Rich Baby Mama Drama: They make dysfunctional families and unwed parents look good/normal to the rest of us mere mortals. From Angelina and her wierdo life to Eryka Badu and her three babies fathers to Heidi hooking up with Seal whist preggers with another mans baby and Kim still married to Kris and having a baby by Kanye (KKK) and the blond chick from Mad Men (what the heck is her name other than Betty Draper) not naming the father of her kid. It makes the rest of us look normal.

The Bad – Poor Baby Mama Drama: No really, no matter how crazy it gets, some of the situations I hear of and see are not normal. Some of you have babies under the craziest circumstances and should not be having kids famous or not. And your man wanting to have a kid when he is still living with someone else or married to someone else or in jail or on the moon or having another kid at the same time with someone else kinda only works when you have millions of dollars, not hundreds of singles.

The Good – Baby Swag:  All the cute baby swag they create. Gucci shoes, Gabana dresses, designer strollers, its all so amazing!

The Bad – You Cant Afford Baby Swag: Who the heck wants to pay $26 for a onesie! Really?! 26 bucks for a freaking onesie? Over 1K for a stroller?! Do you know how many onesies I can buy for 26 at Marshalls or Cookies (discount spot in NYC). You have got to be kidding me right. And some of you actually buy that stuff but cant move  your kid to a better school district. Really?!

The Good – Sexy Maternity Gear: Who wants to go 9 months wearing polka dots and tent dresses. Celebrities have inspired some really gorge maternity looks that are to die for. Great dresses, casual wear, I mean you can look and feel human and not hide in the house anymore.

The Bad – Sexy Maternity Gear Isn’t For All: Some of you take it too the extreme. Just because Victoria Beckham wore stillettos whist carrying her 2 pound baby does not mean you can do the same.  And why would you want to! I understand wanting to be sexy while preggers but from the bikinis to the short pants, it is not all that cute for some of  you.

The Terrible: The constant coverage of these people and their lives is incessant and annoying. I do not want to see what the new princes potential nursery would look like, the thousands of dollars of money being gifted to Kanye or wonder will Kim or wont Kim breastfeed their baby. Good grief.

The Fantastic: Many of these women end up being single anyway after they have these babies and go on to still remain fab, busy, and find more love, romance or even more kids. Its a clear sign that we can do it all, have it all and still remain fabulous! Single moms and moms alike are no longer hid behind the younger childless twits, we actually look good, and yes better than some of the rest of the nitwits out there.

So while it maybe fantastic for them and cute to look and ogle at, they are humans just like the rest of us and will have to poop before they leave the hospital with that bundle of joy. Except for Beyonce of course because we all know she didn’t really have that baby. LOL



2 Responses to “The Good and the Bad about Celebrity Pregnancies”

  1. Emily January 4, 2013 at 8:08 pm #

    SO true to all. I think there were will be a moment in 2013 where I have to swear off all baby-bump watching because it just gets too intense/nauseating, and my boyfriend will threaten to leave if I force him to watch it with me. I’m still secretly excited, for royal baby most of all, duh.

    • The Model Mom January 6, 2013 at 11:39 am #

      Meh, as my kid would say. Lol. Royal baby will be boring. Another kid that will lose his hair and probably never be king, an OK! headline waiting to happen.

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