Mom Cheated In Class: Third Grade Math Debacle

19 Dec

hocnews_letemsweatEvery year, the kids school invites us to spend a full morning following our kids to class.  We see what they learn, how they learn and even get to participate in some of their class lessons and activities.  On this particular visit, I thought it would be no different, except, this year, we visited the kids in, wait for it, math class.  It should have been no big deal, it is after all the third grade and it wasn’t like I had to learn or recite anything right. WRONG!

That day, the classroom activity included asking parents to participate in a math game. In this game you were given index cards with a number and a math problem and the next person had to figure if their number on their card matched the factor of the person who just spoke, kind of like “math telephone”.  Now, understand this one thing about your Model Mom, I hate math, I suck at math, I am terrible at math. I still use songs that I heard in the fourth grade to remember some of my times tables and yes I use my fingers and shortcuts to remember certain things. So when a math game was announced, I froze and panicked out of fear of embarrassment  The first round was easy breezy, it was a simple number and I could have easily figured out what the factors were, excellent. However, I could tell the parents scoffed and quietly judged the other parents that were slow to the draw on the questions in the game. I vowed that I would not be that parent!

I thought it was over, game done, but the villainous teacher decided that we should go for another round and the card that I dealt was some dastardly number that I for the life of me couldn’t figure out what the factors were. I absolutely panicked. And then I noticed that someone raised their hand and stated that they got the same card in the last round and I saw my opportunity to get out of the melee. Well I switched with the kid, and that number was even harder. Goodness. So I did the next best thing. I took my kids card. When she asked why I did that, I told her that the number that she had was too easy and that she needed something more challenging. Ha! Problem solved, embarrassment avoided.

Model Mom’s Dont Do Math!



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