This Week In Bad Parenting: I Would Have Knocked Your Kid Out!

7 Dec

WARNING, I put this video at the end because it was funny, but scared the mess out of me. So if you scare easily, dont watch it.  I would never get in an elevator like that again, in fact I now check elevators for that kind of stuff. But as funny as it is, whomever is the parent of this child gets my vote for bad parent of the week.

First off, if they pulled this stunt with black people, younger people or maybe just in another country, for sure, this kid would have gotten knocked the frack out! Did they not take this into consideration? In Mexico? In Germany? In Australia? Do you think the people down under or a potential cartel person from south of the border would have cowered in a corner? And if it were in the states? Yeah OKAY.  As in any horror movie, I would go down fighting to the end. This kid would have been thrown to the ground and stomped after I threw my 18 pound pocketbook at her head. Kid would have been missing a few teeth.

This was a bad and dangerous stunt for a child to participate in, but still, it is FUNNY AS HELL!

Scare me at your own risk!


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