How to Ace Your Parent Teacher Conference

13 Nov


I hate parent/teacher conferences more now as a parent, then I did as a child worried about a bad report and a spanking afterwards. This is my first child and and every year since Kindergarten I have been fustrated with the reports and somewhat snarky comments and suggestions given by the teachers and administrators. These people are a trip. At times, it feels like its the Hunger Games mixed with Law & Order Criminal intent. I tell you, my palms were always sweaty.

But this year, I came PREPARED! And this is what I did:

-Check in with the teacher. A simple email asking how’s it going is enough.
-Come with questions, because you should always come to an interview with questions. Wait, its not an interview is it.
-Remember, (insert Maury Povich voice) you ARE the parent! You are not an underling or subordinate. Dont be scared of them, they cant hurt you!
-Check with your kid. Ask them, “if I talk to your teacher, what would they say you need to improve on?” Most times they will be honest. Now multiply that by 50% and that is your REAL answer.
-This is not a Real Housewives reunion show. Your are not there to rehash and attack each other. Do not go all Teresa Gudice and throw a table and yell DONT CHOO TAWK ABAWT MAI MUDDA! On your kids teacher.

But in the end, the best way to be prepared for these meetings is to be connected to your kid and BE INVOLVED. I know it sounds cliche but, check homework, read to your kid, talk to your kid and check in with your kids teacher, its your best bet!

My kids report this go round was great and its only up from here, I hope.



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