Men, Are You Sponge, err, Sitter Worthy? – Single Mom in the City

10 Nov

Men, I want you to know that when you are dating a single mom, you have captured and are spending time with, some of the most wonderful women in the world. But, men, you must know, that when we go out with you, we are actually paying to be in your company, literally.

For those of us single mom’s and some dads, who have their children full-time or most of the time, at some point, we will be paying a sitter in order to go out with you. Do you know how much a sitter costs? On average, a good, reliable sitter costs anywhere between $15-$25 depending on what city you live in, the age of the child, how many children and the level of experience of the babysitter. So the math for the evening on the town with you goes something like this.

  • $60    3-4 hour date @15 pr hr for sitter
  • $45    nails mani/pedi
  • $30    some sort of waxing (hey you may get lucky or I may just need to get rid of the mustache)
  • $25    some random beauty product we saw that we want to try to look extra pretty (bonus for you)
  • $20   picking up something from the dry cleaner because we probably have nothing at home

So, in total, and this is on a small-scale given my income level, I am spending $180 to go out on a night with you.  Listen, when I was single and childless, I had all the time, energy and disposable income in the world to just go out and try anyone or anything at least once. So the sketchy guy with the pretty smile and the nice ass, ok, I would give him a few hours. The short guy with the great personality, ok, we can do lunch. The looks to be controlling man who looks great in a suit but had weird hands and could be somewhat of a stalker, dinner wouldn’t kill me. That crappy movie that you want to see, sure, I have a few hours. That was B.C. before child. But now, I have a kid, a career and a busy social calendar and limited time. So I am a bit more picky as to whom I decide to spend my time with so yes my criteria is more extensive. Time.Is. Limited. So with that being said, I have one question to ask…are you sitter worthy? And by sitter worthy, I mean, are you, and your itinerary and potential for entertainment for the night worth me spending $180 bucks and time away from my couch?

So please, guys, if you are going to take a single mom out, make sure that you PUT OUT! Meaning at least try to be entertaining, charming, choose a nice restaurant or a fun activity for us to do.  I need to get my money’s worth!



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