Taking Your Kid Out To A Strip Joint: This Week In Bad Parenting

2 Nov

This weeks bad parent award goes the newly minted Mr. and Mrs. Kelsey Grammer.  As reported by TMZ, the Grammer’s took their 3 month old to the Playboy Mansion for a Halloween party. Their excuse, the new mom is breastfeeding and they couldn’t find a reliable sitter.

I call bullshit. With millions of dollars in the bank, they, after three months, can’t find a suitable nanny in all of Los Angeles? That unlike millions of mom’s who breastfeed and go to work, they could not figure out how to pump and bottle feed their child?

And not to mention its not as if the freshly minted Mrs. Grammer was missing a night out at the Oscars. She could have, um, I dunno, stayed at home maybe. A party at the Playboy Mansion is not what one would consider a must attend event. I see no reason as to why they dragged a 3 month old to an all night long, loud party with half naked women and drinking.  Were they not afraid that someone would spill a drink or some other bodily fluid on that child. The picture shown below courtesy TMZ.com states that it was around after midnight when it was taken. And I’m sorry, isn’t there a “must have nanny” clause in the pre-nup?

Now, we all have been there where we made questionable decisions as to where we take our kids. I have taken my baby to dinner late at night but it wasn’t a party. I have also taken her to an open air restaurant that has a bar-esque feel to it, but a Playboy Mansion party? Really!  This sounds more like the Mrs. wanted to keep an eye on her hubby around some non lactating boobies.

Mr. Grammer, this bunny is for you! 🙂




2 Responses to “Taking Your Kid Out To A Strip Joint: This Week In Bad Parenting”

  1. LadyO November 7, 2012 at 10:42 pm #

    Why you hating? Mr. Grammer, the ole sack of shit that he is, still has bullets in his gun! And they work, aren’t blanks and the gun may be Viagra certified but by golly he got him a baby! He was flossing the fruit of his seeds and his young woman. LOL

    • The Model Mom November 10, 2012 at 12:49 am #

      Forget Ole Mr. Grammer! Why you have to have the BABY there. I mean the dude doesnt have to FLAUNT, he has money. And it wasnt safe. He is a douche!

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