How To Avoid Going Crazy When You Are ALL Stuck in the House WITH THE IN-LAWS TOO: East Coast Parent Hurricane Edition

29 Oct

As if the kids weren't bad enough,  you are stuck in the hurricane with your in-laws as well.So, some of you guys are not only stuck at home with the kids, but with the in-laws as well. WOW. Well here are some tips that can get BOTH the kids and the in-laws off your back.

  1. Family Tree Time. Give your kids a project of making a family tree and the first thing you do is tell them to ask Grandma/Grandpa. OMG, don’t you think they would just DIE (hopefully/hopefully not literally) to tell your kids the history of the dinosaurs and get them to write it down. This will take FOREVER! It will annoy the frack out of your kids, keep them AND the in-laws out of your hair.
  2. Time to Organize. You know that part of the house that they always complain about?! Your kitchen is too dirty, your linen closets are so cluttered, how can you find anything in your pantry with it looking like this. WELL, now is the time to LET THEM HAVE IT. “oh, my mama so and so, you are so right, I could never get this as organized as you would, I’m lost, can you help me!
  3. Lets have THE TALK. You know your in-law LOVES gossip and here is a way to get them and your husband/beau out of your hair. Tell your in-law about a problem that your significant other is having and tell them how they wish they could talk about it with you. And guess what, OFF they go to harass your spouse or boyfriend to have a chat.
  4. Cooking. Ha this is easy, just do it IN FRONT of your kids. Oh mama or grandpoo so and so, the kids JUST LOVE your (insert food item here) and I can NEVER seem to make it right myself. By the time you mention it to the kids they will be hopping up and down begging for it to be made!
  5. Booze. Old.people.cant.hold.their.liquor! Simple, they are OUT LIKE A LIGHT!



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