$hit Out of Luck: A Lesson in Listening to Mommy

27 Oct


The other day, a girlfriend and I were out hanging with our kids. Her darling offspring was told and warned not to do something. In her words, “Okay, you don’t want to listen, well don’t blame me when you are S.O.L.” Ha!

This then prompted my kid to ask,  “Mommy, whats S.O.L.?” So in the best way we knew how, my girlfriend and I explained to her basically what it meant. And, bless her little heart, she still didnt really get it.

Fast forward to the middle of the school week during pickup after school. My kid and I have this ongoing fight about not waiting until we are seated on our way home before we go digging into that trunk she calls a bookbag. She always wants to go digging in the belly of the beast for either a book, food, candy, etc. And it slows us down during the afternoon rush.

Well on this particular day, we had this conversation yet again. She starts complaining and whining about the cookies in her bag and somewhat ignores me while I am talking and then it happens…all her cookies fall out of the ziplock bag and out onto the pavement. Bird food. She looks up at me and says, “I guess that’s S.O.L. huh.” BINGO!




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