Breastfeeding a 9 Year Old…: This Week in Bad Parenting

19 Oct

This week, the Bad Parenting Award goes to Terri Graham of California who gets the award for breastfeeding her 9 year old. Not just ANY 9 year old CHILD but a, wait for it, a 9 year old DOG. Yes, as per the Huffington Post(please be aware that this picture is a bit graphic and NSFW), who is regurgitating an article originally published in the UK magazine Closer, this mother of two, who had issues breastfeeding her two children, is now breastfeeding her damn dog. At this point,  I think I may have had less of a problem with this story if it was a school aged child than an animal, but I digress. Our homegirl Terri, says she does this because it,  “nourishes the dog, and makes her feel like a better mom.”

Well this Model Mom has some tips for Terri on how to be a better mom:

  1. Get a therapist.
  2. Get some dog chow.
  3. Get your kids a therapist because they and the world have seen you basically committing some sort of bestiality act and will forever be scarred.
  4. Get your therapist to give you a prescription.

If you follow any of the steps below,  you will AUTOMATICALLY be a better mom and your dog will thank you for the kibbles and bits!

And I would like to note, no where in this article did it mention if she was single or not, but suffice to say, I dont think many men would want to pleasure the bubbies after fido, who licks his behind, had a go at the tata’s for dinner.

Terry, this award is for you!


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