Asthma, Ice Cream and Thongs

27 Feb

I’ve had some wonderful women helping me with my kid through the years, all of them special in their on way.

There was Lisa, who for some reason never seemed to manage to wear pants that hid her thong, it was whale tale, all day, every day.

There was Pamela who had more personal drama than Erica Cane and Vicky Buchanan put together. When I came home, I wanted nothing more than to make a bag of popcorn and listen in on her magical fantastical stories.

There was Rita who believed that my kids lips were chapped not due to the lack of Chapstick, but for the belief that she was malnourished. She always wanted to be sure that I was feeding her from ALL THE 3 FOOD GROUPS. :/

There was Natalie who swore that she was gaining weight because she was eating too much ice and decided she would just drink cold water and eat a healthy dose of ground provisions instead.

And then there was Sara oh wonderful Sara who refused to give my child ice cream because she believed that it aggravated my kids asthma.

All wonderful, all special and I thank them all for their words of wisdom and their wonderful treatment of my little one 🙂


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